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Which function suits you?

Are you looking for the function that best suits your interests and skills? Or are you wondering if you have already found that 'match made in heaven' in your current job? Bright Plus can help you in your search for that perfect job!

Your job match in 3 steps

In a few simple steps, you will find out which function best fits your profile

Icon professional references or recommendations

Step 1 - Rate your own skills

Up to you to decide how you score on a number of key competencies. We'll calculate your match on that basis!

Icon what are your interests

Step 2 - Identify your interests

Indicate which aspects you definitely want your dream job to contain. We'll show you the functions likely to match those wishes.

Icon get hired

Step 3 - Discover your ideal job

The handy summary you get shows you the jobs that best match who you are and what you are looking for!

Discover your ideal job and more!

Would you also like to go to work with a smile on your face every day? This tool helps you answer the following questions.

  • Which function suits me best?
  • Am I already in the right place in my current job?
  • What are the functional domains and what do they actually include?
  • Am I management material?
  • Am I cut out for project-based work?
Applicant shakes hands and gets hired at first job


How do you land your dream job?

You’ve just graduated and would like to start working without delay. How do you ensure that your enthusiasm will also land you a great contract?

There's not enough on my CV


There's not enough on my CV!

If you’ve just graduated it’s quite normal for your CV to still look a little bare. But then how can you compete with other candidates who have alread

The benefit of time management


The benefit of time management

What do you spend your time on? Make sure to make the most of your hours.

Any questions?

Don't hesitate to contact us. We're happy to help.