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Our impact on people and society

A society with equal opportunities for all is one that is ready for the future. As a sustainable HR company, we want to play our part here. We provide equal opportunities for all in order to eliminate inequality in the labour market step by step.

Equality, inclusion and diversity as a priority


Equality, inclusion and diversity as a priority

The benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce are obvious. Such organisations do better financially, employees are more satisfied and it allows for more innovation and creativity. That is why we are making every effort to be as representative and inclusive within our organisation as our society is by 2030. 

We do this through audits on equal pay, a management team made up of 85% women and monthly Diversity Days and Curiosity Cafés to discuss this topic together. Because a diverse and inclusive company contributes to personal growth, greater understanding of each other and a more inclusive world for all.

Feel like joining a sustainable employer yourself? Check out our internal vacancies or apply spontaneously.



Hear2Work: Career makers for persons with auditory challenges

In today's challenging job market, it is crucial to use every talent. This also applies to people with hearing loss. It is often more difficult for them to find a suitable job and employer. Under the impetus of RGF Staffing Belgium and Cochlear Benelux, a leader in implantable hearing solutions, Bright Plus is committed to better guiding people with hearing loss into jobs based on their needs and talents.

Hire for attitude, train for skills

Bright Young Grads

Hire for attitude, train for skills

We look at potential and attitude. This is proven by the fact that many employees and candidates who lack the intended background (e.g. experience, sector or language skills) start within our organisation or join one of our clients. Did you know that a lot of recent graduates also find permanent jobs straight away through our Bright Young Grads Masterclass?

Choose Bright Plus and experience the benefits of a company that creates opportunities for all. Together, we are building more inclusive and diverse workplaces, including outside the recruitment sector.