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Account bevestigen

For signing employment contracts, we work with Interimsign. Through the My Bright Plus portal you will automatically be redirected to Interimsign. On their website ( you will find all the information you need to log in and to easily sign your contracts.

Still having problems logging in or signing? Contact your Bright Plus office. 

If you become ill, report it via the My Bright Plus portal. You can also easily upload your doctor's note there. In your Bright Start you will find all the information on how to do this legally.  

If you open the My Bright Plus portal via your cell phone, you can upload your note by taking a picture of your doctor's note. Simple as that!

Using the question mark at the bottom right of the calendar, you will find a video tutorial on how to easily report your illness.

Still have questions? Contact your Bright Plus office. 

FAQ Outsourcing Solutions

Certainly! You will immediately be offered a fixed contract by Bright Plus Outsourcing Solutions, but will work for our clients on a project basis. We are your employer. We provide you with a fixed salary in line with the market supplemented with many extra-legal benefits such as a car, meal vouchers, a mobile phone subscription and of course numerous training courses and events.

In addition to a competitive salary package, you can count on an extensive range of fringe benefits such as a net expense allowance, meal vouchers and eco cheques, a mobile phone subscription, group and hospitalization insurance and access to our Employee Assistance Program. Lastly, a nice company car with fuel card is provided for you.

As soon as you sign, we start looking for your first project. So we make sure that on the starting date of your contract you can actually start working on your first project. Is there still no project available when you start? No worries, you can temporarily support one of our offices (see question 10).

We have clients in many different sectors, ranging from SMEs to large multinationals. This gives you the opportunity to get to know many different organisations, each with their own unique corporate culture. That way you can expand your network in no time and gain tons of experience.

That depends on the project. On average, a project lasts 6 to 9 months, but this can occasionally be longer or shorter. Projects do take a minimum of 2 months. Because we naturally want you to be able to settle in well and for your projects to be sufficiently challenging.

Our customers always have the option to extend a project. 
We expect our project staff to go along with these extensions, but to a maximum of one year. If you would like a new challenge after a year, we will start the search for your next project.

This often involves the replacement of an internal employee, for example due to long-term illness or maternity leave. In addition, companies may also call on Bright Plus Outsourcing Solutions for a temporary increase in workload, in the context of a specific project or in anticipation of a permanent recruitment.

Bright Plus specializes in support positions where a good knowledge of tasks is important. A niche, that's right, but you can take that very broadly . Administration, sales, HR, marketing, logistics... you could end up in any of these fields. Variety is key!

You'll follow the client's timetable. This can vary slightly from project to project. But don't worry, you are always working full time and your hours are always kept within office hours ranging from Monday to Friday.

In the meantime, you will start working at your nearest Bright Plus office. In between projects we gladly welcome you because your help is very valuable to us. You will also get to know your colleagues and the project leaders better, and we offer you a unique view behind the scenes of Bright Plus! And we will make it a very instructive period for you as well. You will be given the opportunity to brush up your knowledge through e-learnings, training courses and webinars. In the meantime, we'll continue to actively search for a new project.

You should take into account a maximum travel time of about 1 hour. Of course we always do our best to find a project near you.


After a few months' employment, you will be invited to attend the 'Project-based working' workshop, a one-day training course where, together with 15 colleagues, you will be given tips and tricks on project-based work, as well as the opportunity to exchange experiences on the various projects. During this training all tools will be explained in detail and you will be given the necessary tips to become a real Bright Plus ambassador.

You can also make use of online webinars and you have the possibility to follow offline trainings on certain topics. We equally provide you with a growth roadmap. At Bright Plus Outsourcing Solutions you can grow from junior to mid and then to senior project consultant. You will be guided through your projects by your project leader.

But also with our customers where you will be working, the necessary training will be provided so that you can quickly settle into your new project.

We organize about five events a year. These include large national events, as well as smaller gatherings in your area. This way you can regularly catch up with your Outsourcing Solutions colleagues.


After we have received the approved timesheet on time and after it has been processed internally, you will receive an automatically generated purchase order. This is done up to 10 working days after the end of the previous month.

The payment term is 30 days from our receipt of your invoice and following the approved/validated services.

There are no costs involved in working with Bright Plus as an intermediary. Searching for assignments through our website, creating a profile on our website or using our My Bright Plus app is also completely free. We also offer tools, trainings and webinars that you can find on our website and which you can use for free as a freelancer.

We always draw up one contract per assignment. The time frame therefore depends on the length of the assignment. After you have completed your project, you can start looking for a new assignment, in which Bright Plus will gladly assist you.


Although the exact range of tasks naturally differs from sector to sector, the assignments we offer are in our specialist areas: 
-    Administration and office
-    Sales and customer service
-    Marketing and communications
-    Logistics, procurement and facilities
-    Human Resources

Most of our clients' assignments fall within office hours. However, this always depends on the client, and the exact hours will be determined in consultation with the client and per assignment. 

As a Freelancer you don't have to work exclusively with Bright Plus. You can run assignments through Bright Plus right alongside assignments that you’ve found yourself or through another intermediary. Even during your current assignment, you’re more than welcome to look for new assignments yourself.

If a freelance assignment ends (or is almost at an end), Bright Plus will be happy to find a new assignment for you if you wish. What’s important to know in this instance from the client is whether or not your project is coming to an end so that your new freelance assignment will fit in with your other assignment. Have you already found a new assignment yourself? No problem, we would be happy to hear from you if we can help you further in the future.

If our client wants to work directly with you in the "long-term” as a freelancer, this is possible after a set period of time of elapsed; this period of time will have been discussed in advance between the client and Bright Plus. This period can be contractually fixed at the beginning of an assignment or during the term of the assignment if the issue only arises at that time.

A Project Leader within Bright Plus will become your contact person for both the personal introductory meeting, as well as the search for a suitable freelance assignment based on what you need. Even during the term of your assignment, this person will contact you to check off whether the collaboration is going well. Your contact on behalf of the client may be the HR manager or business manager, or perhaps a departmental manager, etc.

You are entering into an agreement with Bright Plus and not with Bright Plus' client. Bright Plus handles all administration with the client.

You don't have to share this with Bright Plus every time. You can, however, adjust these hours in your timesheets.

Any leave can be arranged directly with the client. You don’t need to report any leave since Bright Plus is not an employer. Only the hours that you have worked need to be entered on your monthly timesheet.

In addition to the timesheet and billing module, you can use the My Bright Plus app to receive personalised job adverts, set up job alerts as well as updating your profile and your availability. As well as that, you can take advantage of the ‘bring-a-freelancer’ offer on the app where you can recommend freelancers to Bright Plus and benefit from a reward.

Interview prep

Glad we'll be meeting soon for an interview! We'd like you to complete your file to get ready for the interview.

Go to the Bright Plus website and click 'Login' at the top right. Now fill in the email address and password you chose on your application. You can also choose to log in via Facebook, Google or Linked in, if that was how you signed up.

Problems logging in? Then have a look at the Log in tips in our FAQs. 

Were you able to log in? Then you'll now see "My dashboard". Your profile strength is 50%.  Beside this figure, you'll see a pink "Interview preparation" button. Click on it and you can complete your file!

See 25% profile strength on your dashboard ? Then contact your Bright Plus office. We'll be glad to help.

Logged in? Check!

But where can you complete your file to get ready for your Bright Plus interview?

Don't fill in your information under the tab "My personal information". Instead, click the "Interview preparation" button on your dashboard.

Follow these steps to get started:

- Click on your username at the top right and choose "My dashboard". Your dashboard screen will open.

- See the pink "Interview preparation" button? Click this button to complete your personal file.

- See the "Send Verification Mail" button? First validate your account via your email (it might have ended up in your spam box). Next click on the "Interview preparation" button to start filling out your file.

A completed file:

- The fields marked with an asterisk are required to complete your registration.

- Once you've filled everything out, click "Save". Your registration will then be submitted..

- Is your profile strength 100%? Now you can be sure your file is good to go!

Once this form is filled out, Bright Plus will have all the information needed to help you find your dream job fast!

Need help? Then contact your Bright Plus office. We'll be glad to help!

I see the error message: "This value should not be empty"

You'll receive this error message if you've overlooked a mandatory field. You can recognize these by the asterisk. Please check the form carefully to ensure that all mandatory fields are filled in.

Once you've filled in the missing information, click 'Save' once again.

I see the error message: "Something went wrong. Please contact us if this problem persists."

When you enter your address on the registration form, Google searches for the street name based on what you type. e.g. You type 'kerk' because you live on Kerkstraat, and Google offers the suggestion, "Kerkstraat 2000 Antwerp". This makes it a breeze to fill out. If you don't select your street from the list, you'll get this error message and won't be able to submit your file. The solution is to select a street from the list and then click "save".

What's the difference between closing and saving?

If you choose "close" instead of "save", the information you've filled in will disappear and the form won't be sent to your Bright Plus contact.

So click save first, then close. Doing so will ensure your information is saved.

If you haven't filled out the form completely, you can add additional details by clicking on the button "Interview preparation" on your dashboard once again.

Need help? Contact your Bright Plus office. We'll be glad to help.

Logging in

Are you unable to log on to the website with your Bright Plus login name and password? Try this:

Open an incognito window (Ctrl + Shift + N) and go to our website. In some cases this is called a "New InPrivate window". Enter your username and password and click 'log in'.

Still having a problem? Then contact your Bright Plus office. We'll be happy to help.

Did you sign up with your Facebook, Google or Linkedin account? If so, it's best to log in that way, too.

Forgot your password? Use the "forgot password" option at the bottom of the login screen, and you'll receive an email with which you can choose a new password. This mail will have the subject, "Reset password". The sender is Be sure to check your junk mail folder if you can't find it.

Still experiencing difficulties? Then contact your Bright Plus office. We'll be happy to help.

My Bright Plus platform

If you're working or have worked through Bright Plus, you can find a lot of useful information regarding your professional administration, such as:

•    Consult your monthly pay slips
•    Consult your weekly payments
•    Sign and consult your contracts
•    Consult and request documents e.g. vacation certificate, employment certificate, form 281.10, C4 (if applicable).
•    Consult your ADV balance (if applicable)
•    Report an illness + upload your doctor's note 
•    Modify some of your profile and personal information
•    Delete your account

Even after the end of your contract through Bright Plus, the platform remains available for you to look up information and consult documents.

Still have questions? Contact your Bright Plus office.

When you start employment through Bright Plus, you'll get an email inviting you to log into the platform and choose your password. You'll receive this email from, titled "Welcome to My Bright Plus".

You can then enter the last 6 digits of your cell phone number known to Bright Plus to receive a verification code. Enter these on the My Bright Plus portal and you'll be logged in. From then on, you can easily log in again with the password you'll have chosen.

When you start employment through Bright Plus, you'll get an email inviting you to log into the My Bright Plus platform and choose your password. You'll receive this email from, titled "Welcome to My Bright Plus". Be sure to check your junk mail/spam folder. Has your email address changed? If so, contact your Bright Plus office. We'll be happy to update that for you.

After you've clicked on the login link, we'll ask you to enter the last 6 digits of your cell phone number on the My Bright Plus platform. We'll then send you a verification code via text message. You can subsequently enter this code on the platform.

Are you still having trouble? If so, contact your Bright Plus office.

All payslips (including past ones) are visible under 'documents > payslip'. By applying the appropriate year filter, you can view them and, if you wish, download them as well.

Can't find your payslip there? Know that you can expect these on the My Bright Plus platform from the 10th of the month following your employment. Still not found? Contact your Bright Plus office. We'll be happy to help you.

All payments (including from past years) are visible under "wages" and on your timeline. You can see the most recent payments at the top. Using "previous/next" you can navigate between payments. If you're paid weekly, you'll always see this information on your portal on the Thursday following the week of your employment.

Not seeing any payments or do you have a question? Contact your Bright Plus office. We'll be happy to help you.

At the end of your employment with us (when your last salary is processed), we'll upload your social documents in the My Bright Plus platform. You can find them in your timeline or under 'documents'. 

Can't find the document you were looking for? Then you can request it in the platform under 'Overview > Document request'. Here you can request your vacation certificate, employment certificate and C4. The requested documents can be consulted the next day in the portal under "Overview" on the timeline or under "Documents" at the relevant year.

Document not found? Contact your Bright Plus office. We will request the document for you. The next day it will be in your My Bright Plus portal.

If you accrue ADV hours during your employment, you can consult the accrued ADV balance in the My Bright Plus Platform. Overtime, the amount of ADV hours to be recovered will also be displayed here.

If you want to take ADV hours or overtime, please contact your Bright Plus office one week in advance, so they can provide you with a correct contract.

If you have accrued balance with different employers, know that you can only take the accrued hours with the employer where the balance was accrued.

Still have questions? Contact your Bright Plus office. 

Verify account

The account verification email is sent from the address and has the subject "Welcome to Brightplus". Be sure to check your junk mail as well.

Still can't find it? Try resending the email from your My Bright Plus dashboard.

When you log in,  your dashboard screen should appear immediately. Is this not the case or are you already logged in? Then click on your username at the top right and choose "my dashboard" from the dropdown list.

Do you see "Verify your email address" and a "Send again" button? Then your account is not yet verified.

If you see a pink button with the message "All jobs" or "Interview preparation", then your account has been verified!

Please note that verification may take a few minutes.

Any other questions? Then contact your Bright Plus office. We'll be glad to help!

You can check if your account is verified on your dashboard.

First log in with your chosen username and password. This will open your dashboard. If not, click on your username at the top right and choose "My dashboard".

Do you see "Confirm your email address" and a pink "Send again" button? Then your account is not yet verified.

If you see a pink button with the message "All jobs" or "Interview preparation", then your account has been verified!

Please note that verification may take a few minutes.

Need more help? Then contact your Bright Plus office. We'll be glad to help!