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Groundbreaking projects for impressive profiles, that's Outsourcing Solutions for you.

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As a project consultant for Bright Plus, you can job hop responsibly by combining temporary projects with the benefits and the certainty of a permanent contract. By working on a project basis, you’ll improve your skills in no time, gain lots of experience and expand your network at lightning speed – not to mention the lovely colleagues and professional guidance you’ll be getting as well!

Sounds like your cup of tea?
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Working as a Project Consultant at Outsourcing Solutions

The ideal project consultant

Are you our perfect match?

  • Your friends describe you as bubbly and enthusiastic.
  • You're looking for a job with lots of variety.
  • Your flexibility knows no boundaries.
  • You are fluent in Dutch, French and English.
  • You are inquisitive and bursting with ambition.
  • You love to network, wherever you are.
  • You're eager to grow professionally.

Sounds perfect for you?

Curious to see what projects you’ll be taking on? Discover our open projects or apply spontaneously

Our fields of expertise

Discover our job offer for multilingual talents

  • Office Support

    An expert organizer, you have an unparalleled eye for detail when it comes to administration.

    167 jobs

  • Sales Support

    You are good with numbers and are determined to offer a great customer experience.

    192 jobs

  • Management Support

    Comfortable in all types of markets, you keep the office afloat and offer support where necessary.

    74 jobs

  • Medical

    Talented in administrative support , you have a heart for the medical industry.

  • Legal

    Your attention to detail come in handy when you're taking care of legal files and procedures.

    3 jobs

  • Marketing communications

    You are the creative and strategic mastermind behind numerous fun campaigns.

    30 jobs

  • Human Resources

    You have a passion for people and excel at organizing them.

    65 jobs

  • Logistics, purchase & facilities

    Your organizational and diplomatic skills are your greatest asset.

    51 jobs

Our 3 specialties

Pick your team!

Project rangers

Gain lots of experience and grow

Working on projects for our customers in various sectors, you’re constantly meeting new people, gain lots of experience and push your boundaries!

HR stars

Master all facets of human resources

Are you a people person at heart? As an HR Project Consultant, you support our customers HR divisions in multiple industries and organizations.

Freedom freelancers

Experience the freedom of being a freelancer

As the name suggests, you retain all your benefits as a freelancer: choosing which projects to plan when, depending on your agenda and flexibility.

Growth and training, that's also us

We take your career to unprecedented heights. How we go about it? Scroll on down!


Bright Plus Academy

Depending on your interests, you can choose a programme that suits you each year. Choose from a wide range of training courses.



With our online and offline training courses, you can train your skills and always keep up with the latest trends.

Get Your Job In A Day

Masterclass Outsourcing Solutions

During our job event, starters are introduced to Outsourcing Solutions. Is there a match? Then they go home that day with a contract.


Quick, check out our 581 open jobs or Submit a spontaneous application

The application process

Your application in 5 steps

Step 1: We love to get to know you better

Why do you like working as a project consultant?

Step 2: Test, one two

Based on a number of online tests, we determine where your strengths lie.

Step 3: Time for a chat!

In an interview we discuss your profile and listen to your desires and job expectations.

Step 4: Let's make it official

Congratulations: you’re about to sign a permanent contract with Outsourcing Solutions.

Step 5: Ready to get cracking?

Did we find the perfect project for you? Then you can get started right away. Welcome to the team!


Quick, check out our 581 open jobs or Submit a spontaneous application

Our company culture

Working as a Project Consultant explained in words, images and numbers.


You’ll gain those 350 super-cool colleagues in one go!

Your CV will grow quickly and after each project you will have mastered a number of new skills.

You learn a lot as a Project Consultant: new skills, new companies, new people,.... I felt right away that Bright Plus believed in me. I became part of a huge family.

Create your future! Bright Plus offers me a unique opportunity to gain experience in different sectors and positions without being a job hopper. I love it!


A future so Bright I got to wear shades!

These are the projects we are working on today

Any questions?

Our Project Leaders are happy to help