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Bright Plus is your professional agent to guide you step by step through your career.

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Is your salary competitive?

Do you ever wonder if you earn enough? This salary calculator tool allows you to compare your salary with similar profiles in your sector. In a few simple steps, find out what you are worth and which benefits you can expect.

Compare your salary


Calculate your net pay

The exact amount you will be left with depends on several factors. If you have dependent children, less taxes are deducted from your gross salary. Other circumstances, such as your marital status, also affect the net salary you will receive. The tool below will help you to calculate your net salary on the basis of your gross salary.

Calculate your net pay


Calculate your holiday pay

In Belgium many employees receive a nice extra on their bank account in May. That is indeed when most companies pay the double holiday pay. This tool will give you a fair idea about the net amount you can expect. 

Calculate your holiday pay


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