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Conditions for the “Member get Member” action

  1. The “Member get Member” action runs from 1 April 2023 to 31 December 2023.
  2. The following conditions apply to the “Member get Member” action.

Our conditions

Who can take part?

  • Any candidate job seeker or (working) temporary worker employed by or who has applied to Bright Plus nv and is duly registered (= Referrer)
  • The Referrer must be a natural person (private individual) having a valid email address, telephone number, home address and official place of residence throughout the duration of the “Member get Member” action.

How do I take part?

  • The Referrer recommends a new ‘member’ who is in search of a job (= proposed Candidate) by providing Bright Plus nv with that person’s contact particulars by means of this link:


  • Using the information provided, Bright Plus nv will screen the proposed Candidate.
  • The Referrer will receive a commission for each Candidate proposed by him or her during the validity of the “Member get Member” action and hired by Bright Plus nv providing all the following conditions are met:
    • that the proposed Candidate is a natural person with a valid email address and telephone number and an official place of residence throughout the duration of the “Member get Member” action;
    • that the proposed Candidate has not previously been proposed to Bright Plus nv by another candidate or agency employee;
    • that the proposed Candidate starts work with Bright Plus nv within six months of being put forward by the Referrer;
    • that the proposed Candidate is not already known to Bright Plus nv: the proposed Candidate must be someone with whom Bright Plus nv has had no active contact in the last 12 months;
    • that the proposed Candidate has effectively provided services on behalf of Bright Plus nv for at least three months after having been proposed;
    • that the minimum registration data were correctly entered via the above-mentioned website;
  • that the referral of candidates falls outside the occupational activities of the Referrer and has no close connection with them; that there is no link whatsoever with the normal day-to-day tasks of the Referrer, and that in carrying out the occupational activity no use is made of the know-how acquired. Any breach of the above rules will lead to the immediate automatic disqualification of the participant, without prior notice.

The commission

  • The gross commission for the “Member Get Member” action is €500.
    • If the Referrer is employed by Bright Plus nv (or one of its sister companies), the commission is considered as income from employment and as such subject to social security contributions and withholding of income tax.
    • What if the Referrer is not an employee of Bright Plus? In that case the Referrer has to sign a document confirming that the income from this action will be declared in his or her personal income tax declaration and must then subsequently include this income in that declaration. Where necessary Bright Plus will request all the personal particulars needed in order to compile the tax form for personal income tax.
  • If more than one proposed Candidate is employed by Bright Plus nv or by a client of Bright Plus nv through the intermediary of Bright Plus nv after being put forward by a candidate or agency employee in accordance with the conditions of this action, the candidate or agency employee is entitled to the commission for each such proposed Candidate.

Time of payment of the commission

  • The commission will be paid once the proposed Candidate has effectively provided his or her services for at least three months. 
  • The Referrer will be paid on the basis of the information that he or she has provided to Bright Plus nv. Bright Plus nv can in no circumstances whatsoever be held liable for possible incorrect payments, if these should be attributable to incorrect personal, banking or invoicing particulars provided by the candidate or agency employee.


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