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Your growth at Bright Plus Outsourcing Solutions

A job at Bright Plus Outsourcing Solutions? Think challenge, professionalism and tons of fun. But the best project you can ever work on? That's you! Within our organisation, personal growth is the central focus. And growing as a person is something you can do in different ways. We provide instructive training and personal guidance so that you can develop to your full potential. Together we'll build your career in the long term. Career makers? That's us!


How can I grow within my role at Outsourcing Solutions?

From your very first day at work, we provide a personal training programme so that you can learn all the tricks of the trade.

Got your diploma? Then be sure to sign up for Bright Young Grads, the best way to make the transition from school to the job market. If you start working as a final-year student via Bright Young Grads, you'll go through a unique training programme that will prepare you for your first job in no time . During a 4-day Masterclass you will gain more insight into your own talents and learn the first tricks of the trade. That way you're totally ready and self-confident for your first project! You will also get to know your fellow Project Consultants. 

During your first weeks we will invite you over for a first day of on-boarding. On that day you will get to know the ins and outs of our company: Who is who, what is our vision and mission, what values do we hold dear and what services do we offer? All that and more is covered. On top of that, you get to know your fellow project consultants and leave with a ton of information and many new insights

After you've been introduced to the organisation, we'll focus fully on the Person-Team fit. That's the match between you as an employee and your team. In order to strengthen this fit, we use Management Drives within Bright Plus. This is a theory that maps out your personal motives and those of your colleagues. During a personal feedback moment we'll give you more information about your profile, but also that of your team members.

This way you know what gives you energy, but also what costs you and your colleagues energy. This allows us to all speak one common language and to remain committed to close cooperation within the team.

Sharing is caring. Therefore, knowledge sharing is strongly encouraged within Bright Plus. As a Project Consultant you learn at a rapid pace and you are bound to run into challenges from time to time. Fortunately, you can count on a team of more than 350 colleagues!

Thanks to our internal communication platform, you can share your questions, problems and challenges with your colleagues and count on a lot of support in the form of useful advice, tips & tricks or just a friendly message.

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In the job of (HR) Project Consultant there are many growth opportunities. There are regular feedback moments and there is also an annual training. Furthermore, you can specialise, obtain a tailor-made career pad or participate in the masterclass.

At Bright Plus we believe in the importance of feedback. That's why every year we organise an evaluation interview with each employee. During this personal meeting we look at the results achieved from both sides and set the main objectives for the coming year. An evaluation interview is not a one-way street. You can also indicate what your wishes and ambitions are.

Of course, you don't have to wait for that one annual review moment. Additional feedback moments are also scheduled throughout the year to discuss project completion and planned goals.

Thanks to our Bright Plus Academy you can pursue your further professional development. Our Learning & Development team annually selects a number of instructive and challenging courses for our employees. We take into account your experience, your secondment domain and the skills that are currently in demand on the job market.  Aside from this, do you need a training course tailored to your needs? Then contact your HR Business Partner to see what is possible.

Within Outsourcing Solutions you choose one of our three specialised teams: the Project team, the HR team and the Freelance team. Would you like to make the switch between one of these teams? That's totally fine. In consultation with your Project Leader, we'd like to look at the possibilities in order to make this transition a success.

Are you happy in your position, but still looking for an extra challenge? Even then, Bright Plus has lots of possibilities to offer. Based on your ambitions and wishes, together we look at possible projects that you can sink your teeth into. This way you develop new skills without having to make the transition to a completely new position.

Do you have more than 8 years of work experience? And do you have the ambition to grow within your function? Then you have the possibility to apply for the Masterclass. Participants in this programme go through an intensive process in which leadership skills and achieving a clear result are key. As a Project Consultant you can sharpen the necessary competences to take your projects to a higher level. At the end of this process you can count on an amended job title and of course the necessary bubbles to toast to your achievement!

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You also have the prospect of great career opportunities within our company and our group.

Did you know that almost all our internal vacancies are filled by our own employees? This is a win-win: our employees can develop further by taking on more responsibilities and we retain great colleagues with loads of expertise and knowledge of our sector.

Bright Plus is part of Recruit Global Staffing (RGF), one of the world's largest HR service providers with offices in Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. This means that a career within our sister companies is also an option. Growth is possible within Bright Plus, but also within the larger group to which we belong.

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Coaching to truly grow

In addition to our extensive training opportunities, Bright Plus also offers many online opportunities through Coaching Solutions to develop your talent and grow within your job.


Get inspired by the stories and articles on our blog

Our blog is a source of inspiration for those who want to broaden their view, expand their knowledge or change their way of working.


With our online tools we offer you the necessary digital push in the back

At Bright Plus we'll be happy to help you move forward! Of course you can contact the experts in our offices, but we're also there for you online.


Our webinars will keep you developing and sharpening your skills

Brushing up on your knowledge doesn't always have to take a long time. Check out our training page and sign up for a one-hour webinar.

Convinced? Apply for a job at Outsourcing Solutions or read lees meer over Outsourcing Solutions.


Convinced? Apply for a job at Outsourcing Solutions or read lees meer over Outsourcing Solutions.