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Nawal loves the all-round nature of her job as an administrative assistant

As an all-round administrative clerk, I adapt to the organisation's expectations with each new project. This ensures that my assignments look slightly different each time and I get to perform an exciting mix of tasks: accounting administration, reception, customer services support, sales administration, file management, front office.... I've been doing this for two years now, and in that time I've been able to expand my knowledge tremendously. I learned to use multiple computer programs, learned to shift gears faster, made many contacts and learned to adapt to different ways of working. I also got a taste of different subject areas, which gives me a better idea of what suits me and what doesn't suit me as much.

foto van Nawal

Trust and mutual respect are important aspects in my job. Also, a sense of initiative, a practical understanding and an eye for structure and organisation are important skills.

Why I love doing what I do

As an administrative assistant, I enjoy being able to process cases and complete files. It gives me satisfaction to know that I've been able to help someone along with my work. I can work well individually, but obviously, as a project consultant, I also find it important to be a team player. Trust and mutual respect are also important aspects in my job. Finally, a sense of initiative, a practical understanding and an eye for structure and organisation are important skills.

My job as a project consultant

I'm aware that my projects are always temporary, but have no problem with that constant change. I start a project knowing that I'm there to support a team. Of course I want to feel at home on the project I'm working on, but I know that eventually someone else has to be able to take my place. This requires great adaptability, but for me it always feels right. I may not have regular colleagues, but I have already been able to form some wonderful friendships. On top of that, I just feel great in the outsourcing team at Bright Plus. They're always there for me, both professionally and personally, and feedback is a two-way street.