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A successful job experience is a win-win situation for both the intern and the employer

Assistants are highly educated professionals with a high level of foreign language proficiency and IT expertise who are able to deal with a wide range of issues and problems flexibly.

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Over time, the areas in which they are entrusted with responsibilities expands; job experience, which gives practical experience, therefore adds value to every diploma. Turn your job experience into a successful work experience that gives you added strengths in your search for the perfect job.

Anticipating and planning, monitoring projects closely and taking on responsibilities are only a few of the skills that companies are increasingly looking for. Earning your diploma is an important first step, but augmenting that with practical experience that turn your motivation, enthusiasm and professionalism into something quantifiable, is the next essential step.

Job experiences demonstrate your skills and strengthen the significance of your diploma.

An increasing number of educational programmes are adding practical experience to their objectives, ranging from orientation job experience (to present the students with a variety of occupational activities), observation job experience (accompanying a working professional in the course of his/her duties) or a participation job experience (where the student actively carries out several tasks). That gives students the opportunity to experience the real working world while they are still studying.

Job experience give students valuable insights into companies, sectors and culture

A job experience opportunity gives you the chance to put what you have learned during your education into practice. It also gives you the opportunity to experience companies, sectors or even international cultures, which will help you grow both professionally and personally.

Expand your boundaries with job experience

Job experience participants are encouraged to expand their boundaries both literally and figuratively, with personal growth and empowerment being the key elements. In addition to discovering your own talents, personal drive and points for development, you can also learn about organisations and companies and even other countries. It will help clarify where your affinities lie and you will get more insight into the expectations and demands of future employers.

Job experience is a useful recruiting tool for employers

It is also interesting for businesses to offer job experience places. It gives them access to additional manpower, they get fresh ideas and successful job experience placements serve to promote their own organisation, too. Companies that offer job experience situations also invest in the education of students or recent graduates who may later grow to hold permanent positions at the company.

That works to the advantage of the student, of course, giving them exposure to the labour market so they have a better idea of the real world situation and they get practical experience. At the same time, they get the opportunity to prove themselves as enthusiastic potential employees. That is a clear win-win situation for both parties.