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Freelancer Josefien tested the My Bright Plus App

After 8 years as a freelancer, I have learned how to best approach the search for new assignments. Still, it isn't always easy and searching for new projects takes a lot of time.

Josefien De Bock

3 min. reading time

Does this sound familiar to you? I kind of consider this the 'price' to pay for the freedom and flexibility that I have and love so much.

So I was delighted to hear that Bright Plus, HR specialist for multilingual support profiles, has developed a new app to help freelancers find new assignments. With the My Bright Plus App you can easily search for projects that suit you as a freelancer whenever you want. Afterwards you can also use it to easily maintain your professional administration. I had the honor of being one of the first to test out the app and I'm happy to share my findings with you!


These are the great advantages of the My Bright Plus App in my view:

Getting to work

Let's start at the beginning: download the app. With my mobile phone at the ready, I start off by going to the App Store. The app is free and I can easily download it. Easy peasy, I love it!

Creating my profile is also fast and hassle-free. Many other websites and apps require me to fill in a lot of data first and for me this is always a stumbling block. In the My Bright Plus App, I only have to fill in 5 fields, and a resume isn't required either. I fill in my personal details, indicate my availability, work regime, my areas of interest, and finally indicate my desired region and rate. Ready, now let those orders come!

Looking for new missions

I'm sure you'll agree: looking for new projects can get quite complicated. You often have to consult various websites and job boards, not to mention the countless info and resumes I've already had to provide. Luckily with the My Bright Plus app things are different. Once I've created my profile, I get to see freelance jobs that actually suit me. I don't have to start a new search or tick boxes every time, because as soon as I log in, my preferences and interesting jobs are shown immediately.

I don't have to keep checking the app because it spontaneously lets me know when there's a new job online that could be interesting for me. I can just open the app to immediately see which projects match my profile. With just 3 simple buttons I can then indicate whether a function is interesting or not. I find this convenient because I like things to go fast. That way I can focus entirely on my freelance work.

Applying with a single click

I applied for a job that appealed to me. This was done with one click and within the next working day a friendly Bright Plus consultant contacted us to go over the assignment. Kudos for the quick follow-up!

And even after you've started, the app still offers a lot of benefits. The payout was quick and correct after I submitted my hours through the app. A great luxury for freelancers because I often have to wait for payments and that's not always fun. I also don't have to deal with all the administration that comes with it, because the app makes a lot of those tasks significantly easier. That's a lot of work and a lot of headaches saved!

My brief summary? This app gives me 'the best of both worlds' as a freelancer. I can work on exciting projects with Bright Plus as a partner at my side, for great companies, and I get to keep my freedom to look for assignments myself. I invariably leave the My Bright Plus App on my smartphone, because as far as I'm concerned this is an absolute must for all freelancers!

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Josefien De Bock

Josefien De Bock fladdert door het leven als freelance copywriter en content creator. Als Text Fairy tovert ze de mooiste teksten tevoorschijn voor klanten in diverse sectoren. Met veel ervaring, enthousiasme én een vleugje magie! Check it out op Omdat ze maar niet genoeg kan krijgen van schrijven, blogt Josefien bovendien over alles wat haar fascineert en interesseert op

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