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Exciting jobs in customer service

People who work in customer service fulfill an important role in their company, often without realising it themselves. By answering and resolving their customers’ queries and problems, they actually shape customer satisfaction. As customers deal with a person of ‘flesh and blood’, it creates trust and boosts the company’s image.

Josefien De Bock

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There are many great jobs in customer service. Here’s a short list!

Contact centre and helpdesk assistant

Unfortunately, the customer service profession is still suffering from the perceived image of a monotonous job spent dealing only with angry customers on the phone. The contact center agent job is on the list of bottleneck professions. Not because of this stereotype, but merely due to the shortage of profiles on the labour market with the skills to meet the job’s high requirements. Working in a contact center requires a versatile skill-set and great adaptability on a daily basis. People with the right profile are scarce.

3 big advantages:

  1. No two workdays will be the same. You get to deal with new customers every day, with different questions, problems and expectations. A boring day: never! And before you know it, your shift is over!
  2. You are in contact with people the whole day long. You can help them and make them happy. A very satisfying feeling!
  3. Getting customers who don’t speak Dutch on the phone allows you to improve your language skills. A win-win, right?

After-sales assistant

An after-sales (service) assistant has a lot of responsibilities. You are the point of contact for all customer queries regarding invoices, service and technical aspects of the product or solution they have purchased. These contacts are mainly over the phone. Whenever repairs are necessary, you make sure they are organised properly. You are responsible for offering a commercial solution whenever a problem occurs. An important function!

3 big advantages:

  1. You are the dedicated contact for customers, the person they trust will find a solution to their problems. You are invaluable to customers and they rely on you!
  2. Variety is important in this job. You never know how your day will go when you arrive at work in the morning. Sure, this makes it challenging and sometimes difficult, but mainly very exciting. Ideal for multitaskers!
  3. You learn to be versatile and adapt to different (unexpected) situations. This, in turn, makes you more resilient to stress, which will undoubtedly benefit you also in daily life!

Digital customer service assistant

Online customer contact is becoming increasingly important in our digital society. E-mail, chat, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp: digital customer service is now part of the communication landscape. For (potential) customers, it is important to get the help they need or answers to their questions quickly. Many use digital tools to contact a company because it is fast and easy. If you are ‘on the other side’ and can help them resolve their issues, you really play an important role!

3 big advantages:

  1. You work in the online sector, which is evolving at lightning speed. This means that you keep learning new things, which makes your job very interesting and relevant. There are still many growth opportunities in this sector. Ideal for recent graduates who don’t shy away from a challenge!
  2. Dealing with digital (customers) contacts can be very gratifying, as it allows you to make your virtual interlocutor happy quite fast. With a little luck, your input will even be shared on social media... Great motivation to do your job every day!
  3. Every day is a challenge because you are faced with different situations or problems. Dealing with different situations and challenges gives you the opportunity to discover your strengths and weaknesses. Always worth knowing.

All-in-all, a job in customer service boils down to contributing to the customer’s happiness. In a way, you are a kind of happiness creator and problem solver. Such profiles are very valuable, for a company and the customers!

What about you, do you work in customer service? What do you do and why do you find your job so interesting? Share your experience!

Regards, Josefien

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Josefien De Bock

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