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Freelancer at Outsourcing Solutions: varied projects, your own boss

Your own boss: for more and more people this is music to their ears. The freedom to make decisions and the ability to alternate projects in one’s professional career is one of the top motivations to work as a freelancer.

Bright Plus

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For those looking to improve their work-life balance, the freelance solution may also be the best fit. Sure, it is hard work, but you choose your own workdays, your own rate, your own workplace.

Freelance projects are all the rage. Companies are increasingly opting for a temporary or interim solution: maternity leave replacements, temporary workload increase (often because of the implementation of new systems), while waiting for the permanent recruitment of staff, or just to bring in external expertise. In all those situations, the Freelance Pool from Outsourcing Solutions, part of Bright Pluscan step into the breach!

Customers can rely on our pool of freelance project assistants. They are experts in their fields and are very flexible. A customer who only needs support a few days a week can also rely on our experts.

We specialise in strong administrative profiles and also keep expanding our freelance pool with profiles that can be used at a higher level (Office, Sales and Marketing, Communication, HR, etc.). We have a preliminary interview with the freelancers who approach us to assess their interests and abilities. If we receive a freelance project that fits their profile, we contact them by phone to discuss the job and to put their name forward once we have their agreement. We run projects at various companies in different sectors and take care of the administration. You can count on us for timely payment.

Here’s the testimonial of one of our freelancers about her experience in the field and her collaboration with Outsourcing Solutions:

“I have been working as a freelancer for 4 years now. The switch from employee to self-employed has given me a huge amount of freedom. I was looking for more variety in my job. To me, change is an important factor, in terms of both job content and company environment.

As a freelancer, I now work on different projects at several companies. In the first year, I went looking for customers by myself, but then I discovered Bright Plus. In their Outsourcing Solutions division, they rely on a specialised pool of freelancers. Thanks to them, I have now been working for various customers for over three years. Which projects have I already done? Until recently I was teleworking for a Hungarian company; before that, I combined two administrative projects in Brussels, which amounted to full-time work, and now I am working again for a customer in Brussels as a full-time assistant in a pharmaceutical company.

The biggest advantage of being a freelancer is freedom. Now I work full-time, but if I want to work less for a while, it is easy to plan. My network is also expanding exponentially, I am learning a lot and I make sure that my freelance input helps my customers out from day one.

With regard to the administrative aspects, too, I have less reason to worry. The contracts are drafted for me and I am sure of a timely payment. Before, I often had to chase after the payment of my fees.

There’s a lot less pressure on me now that my assignments are sourced via Outsourcing Solutions. I have the support of a professional organisation that helps me find one project after the other, without interruption, even though I can still accept another project independently.

In addition, I feel very involved with Outsourcing Solutions. I am part of their community. I am invited to events and after-work drinks, which allows me to meet fellow freelancers. As far as I am concerned, I’d like to keep working with them for many years to come!”

If this article has inspired you to become a freelancer, or if you are already working freelance and would like to get jobs through our services, contact us at