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How do you land your dream job?

You’ve just graduated and would like to start working without delay. How do you ensure that your enthusiasm will also land you a great contract? We’ve put together a list of tips for you.

Bright Plus

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1. Get to know the company

Look further than the website. Do you know people who work in that company or in the same sector? Ask about their experiences and the difficulties they’ve faced there. Do you think you would be able to offer a solution? Adjust your CV accordingly.

2. Customize your motivation letter

Obviously, you have to do more than just change the recipient. In your letter, clearly state the added value you have to offer. Showcase all your strengths. And know that recruiters get annoyed by standard formulations.

3. Be persuasive, the right way

Let the reader understand between the lines that you have the right skills and qualifications for the job. To do that, use simple adjectives in your letter or dot your CV with relevant experience. Note that subtility is the key word here.

4. Every experience counts

Not just your work experience counts. The volunteer work you did at the Red Cross, your involvement in the local youth movement, entertainment in your grandmother’s nursing home... Look for any example of community involvement in your free time and underline it.

5. Use your online and offline networks

Everyone uses social media in a job search. You should go one step further, however, and also look beyond this virtual world for a link with the company. For example, make contact with other employees through family or friends. Sometimes the world is very small.

6. Take the initiative

Apply for a job, even though there is no vacancy. Spontaneous applications give the impression that you are really motivated to contribute. You might be invited to an interview; or your details will be kept, increasing your odds next time there is a job opening.

7. Talk like an employee

If you are invited to an interview, avoid making it all about yourself (and how great you are, though). Ask relevant questions right from the start. Pretend you are already part of the team and suggest solutions to the problems the company is facing. Instead of being grilled at a job interview, you are attending a crisis meeting…

8. You are entitled to feedback

Not everyone is selected after the first round. Ask, preferably by telephone, why you were not chosen. It is not nice to to be rejected, but you can learn from it.

9. You’ll get it eventually, that dream job

Be patient. Sometimes, it takes longer than expected for you to get that first call. Don’t panic if you still haven’t got a job after three months. You have to keep persevering.

10. Last but not least

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