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Job ads explained

You are looking for a new challenge, but finding the right job is a challenge in itself. Different vacancies often use similar terms, but what do the recruiters really mean by this?

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You’ll find vague attributes such as “dynamic”, “hands-on”, “competitive”, etc. in almost every vacancy. Or is there more to it than you think? The phrase “dynamic company” will never be used to describe an old-fashioned environment. If you won’t be expected to contribute ideas to the company, but rather to work as an executive, the words “proactive” and “hands-on” will not be used either.

To help you anticipate the demands of certain jobs or what companies expect from you, you will find below a brief explanation of some common concepts in job ads.


Growing, active, energetic, changeable, innovative. If you join a company that is dynamic according to the job offer, you can expect to work in an ever-changing environment. If you enjoy change and improvement, then a “dynamic” company is the right place for you! This can mean that you will often have to deal with new things. Obviously, if the company keeps evolving, it also means that there will be more opportunities for you to grow.

Is the job ad looking for someone dynamic? This probably means they are looking for a person who responds quickly to change and easily switches from one line of thought to another.


When companies ask candidates to have a hands-on mentality, they expect them to grab the bull by the horns, know when there is work to be done and roll up their sleeves. Rather than put a problem on the long finger, they immediately start looking for a perfect solution.

No 9-to-5 mentality

If a company is looking for someone who does not have a 9-to-5 mentality, no need to panic as you won’t have to work late every day. The company is mainly looking for people who won’t start cleaning up their desk at 4.55 pm to be able to clock out at precisely 5 pm. If you have to meet a deadline and your work is not quite finished, you are willing to stay a few minutes longer. And, of course, flexibility is also a two-way street. If you have to go home early on occasion, this won’t be a problem.


Not only do you do the work that is assigned to you; you show initiative. You anticipate the questions that will probably be asked later, the difficulties that may arise and how you can counter them beforehand.

A bachelor’s degree

What if you don’t hold a Bachelor’s degree but you believe you are the right person for the job? Don’t let this deter you. In your motivation letter, prove that you are at least as good as someone who does have the requested diploma!

Competitive salary package

Usually this means that your salary will be calculated according to the pay scales. So, don’t expect an exceptionally high salary, but you won’t be offered an exceptionally low salary either. The average pay for someone with your education and experience is taken into account. If you have no idea what to expect, or wonder how much someone with your profile earns on average, our salary calculator tool will definitely help you get answers! Check your salary via our online salary tool