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I like the feeling that I am an added value within the team and that my colleagues can count on me

Florence aan het werk als HR Consultant bij Bright Plus

I have been working at Bright Plus as an HR Consultant for almost a year now. Before this I worked 1.5 year as Project Consultant at Bright Plus Outsourcing Solutions. I've learned a lot on my projects, but I have also come to realize that my passion lies in HR. A job as an HR Consultant seemed the perfect job for me because I'm very social and love to help people. I'm very happy that Bright Plus gave me this opportunity and that I have now become part of the fantastic team in Ghent for almost a year.

I was welcomed with open arms and immediately felt at home. For one thing, my desk was fully decorated on my first day of work with confetti, flags and funny pictures. I also received the necessary training and guidance in the first weeks and months to fully settle into my new role as HR Consultant. Whenever I had questions, my colleagues were happy to help. Feedback moments were also regularly scheduled to hear out whether everything was going well for me and whether I felt comfortable within the team. 

I like the feeling that I am an added value within the team and that my colleagues can count on me. I really enjoy my job and I come to work every day with full enthusiasm.

This is still the case today! Bright Plus is a fantastic employer who puts the well-being of its employees first! Meanwhile I have been working as an HR Consultant for almost a year and I've learned a lot. I like the fact that I am an added value to the team and that my colleagues can count on me. I love my job and I really enjoy coming to work every day.

I also really like that there's room for fun and relaxation now and then. In Ghent we have a tradition of having lunch with the entire team every first Tuesday of the month. Or in the summer when the weather is hot, we get to go for free ice cream! We also regularly organise fun activities and parties such as teambuilding, afterworks, spring breaks, etc. Even in times of corona, they looked for alternative events to organize such as the digital bingo, the digital cocktail party, and so on.  Bright Plus does everything it can to keep its employees motivated. So I understand very well why Bright Plus has already been awarded the title of Great Place To Work several times. It is one big family where everyone gets the chance to develop their talents and where everyone is heard.