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Looking for a job in the summer? Great idea!

It’s the summer holidays. Does your resume then end up on an empty desk? No, quite the contrary. Looking for a new job in the summer can indeed provide a lot of benefits. Have a look at these 4 good reasons to keep applying, even during the summer months.

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Less competition

A vacation far away, festivals, a repeat exam coming up, or even taking a breather after a recent layoff: there are many reasons why fewer candidates apply during the summer. That also means less competition during your job search.

You'll increase your chances this way, but keep in mind that recruiters also go on holiday. Have you still not received a response after a while? Then after three weeks, send a reminder or call the recruiter. This immediately demonstrates the right motivation.

More attention to your resume

Many companies refer to the summer months as 'cucumber time'. Large projects are often on the back burner and the workload is somewhat lower in many organizations. As a result, in such periods, recruiters have more time to carefully review your cover letter and resume and look beyond simply a few key requirements.

A friendly atmosphere

Summer is a fun time of the year. The sun is shining, people are planning vacations, and after work there is always a nice terrace or festival to be found somewhere. So recruiters and employers are also in a happier place, which often makes job interviews more pleasant as well. If the recruiter sitting across from you is in good spirits, it increases your chances of convincing him or her of your abilities. Note: despite the warm weather, always adhere to a professional dress code.

More networking possibilities

Summer is the season of choice for networking at social events. People have more time and there are simply more events being organised. Pull up to an after work drink or summer conference on a regular basis and build your professional network while enjoying good summer vibes. Your application process may slow down a bit during these months, but the results are extra sunny.

Wanna give it a try during the summer months? Then have a look at our jobs!