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10 tips to kick-start the New Year in tip-top shape

The holidays are over and all those delicious glasses of Cava, puff pastry canapés, deep-fried ‘kroketten’ (food rolls) and Christmas Yule logs might have added a few inches to your waistline. No worries: you’re probably not the only one and, with my ten tips, you will soon feel fit and energised to kick-start the New Year!

Josefien De Bock

3 min. reading time

1. Don’t starve yourself

People who want to lose weight often make the mistake of eating too little. Avoid crash diets at all costs. They are not healthy, let alone reaslistic. Not to mention the negative effect they have on your mood! I just eat when I’m hungry. In other words, I have 3 main meals a day, supplemented with simple and healthy snacks. Such snacks may include yogurt with fresh fruit, a handful of nuts, a homemade cereal bar or cherry tomatoes.

2. Drink plenty of water

I drink water all day long. I do it every day and even more so after an ‘excess’. I have a big bottle of water next to me while working, and I take my refillable water bottle with me whenever I am out and about. Drinking water helps my body flush out toxins, which stops me from putting on unwanted pounds. I can also draw a lot of energy from a well-hydrated body. Tip: avoid light/zero drinks because they only sustain your craving for sweet foods!

3. Food prepping

I make sure that I always have some healthy snacks/bites with me. I need to ‘refuel’ every 3 hours; otherwise my stomach starts to growl and I become ‘hangry’. And, believe me, you don’t want to know this side of me. When I am out for a whole day (for example for my work) and I know that there will be little opportunity to eat healthy, I prepare my lunchbox the evening before (for example a salad, leftovers from dinner). I also usually prepare my healthy breakfast the night before. Food prepping takes some time and organisation but it really pays off!

4. It’s not a diet…

Think positive and don’t view healthy living and eating as a punishment or a challenge. I eat healthy food but I never feel that I am ‘on a diet’. II enjoy everything I eat and the positive effects on my fitness and energy levels. Try to get rid of the prejudice that healthy eating is boring and tasteless. It certainly isn’t!

5. Find a buddy

If you find it hard to eat healthy, why not try and enlist the help of a buddy? This person –maybe your partner, a friend or a colleague – will support you in making healthy choices. Together you are stronger!

6. Drink alcohol in moderation

If you drank the occasional glass of fizzy wine during the end-of-year parties, reducing your alcohol consumption won’t be such a big deal. Alcohol only has a negative impact on your body, you know that already. It contains a lot of calories, not to mention the dangers of drinking and driving.

7. Eat less meat

I rarely eat meat. Especially because I don’t like it and partly because it is healthier. If you really can’t have a meat-free diet, try to reduce the amount you eat or have at least 1 veggie day a week. Every little helps!

8. Don’t focus on the calories

I never count calories. If your meals consist of healthy, nutritious ingredients and you keep your portions under control, you don’t need to count calories. The same applies to the scale: don’t obsess about your weight. It is better to use different indicators: a pair of trousers you would like to wear again or your energy level, for example.

9. Let’s move!

I exercise a lot, I’m addicted to running. I think it’s great fun and a natural way to get a lean and toned figure. After exercising, I have a healthy snack, which in turn ensures that I can exercise even better. It is a vicious circle! You obviously don’t need to exercise as intensively as I do. Practicing a ‘normal’ level of sports or moving is also good! Try to move for at least 30 minutes every day, by walking for instance. This ensures you go outside, and it’s something you can do together with your partner or a friend. Even more fun!

10. Shop healthy

My cupboards are filled with all sorts of healthy products: vegetables, fruit, seeds, nuts, etc. I strongly advise you to follow my example and stock your pantry and refrigerator with healthy foods. It’s as simple as that: if you don’t have unhealthy foods at home, you can’t binge on them in a moment of weakness. A rule of thumb: never ever go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. It’s just asking for trouble!

I hope you found some value in these 10 tips and that they will help you start the New Year with loads of energy. If you, too, have some good tips to get rid of those Christmas pounds, feel free to share them below!

Regards, Josefien

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Josefien De Bock

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