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5 tips on how to send an application that stands out

People sometimes ask me if I'm going to apply, how do I distinguish myself? How do I make me stand out?

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I get those questions, especially if you've sent out a lot of job applications and keep getting rejections. However, there are some ways to stand out among the mass of applications that many companies receive. I like to share 5 tips for an application that stands out.

1. Use a video pitch

Maybe you should step out of your comfort zone for a while, but it's a really good way of presenting yourself. You show a piece of yourself, you show your real personality. Of course, the first one won't be perfect, but practice a few times and add the one you're really happy with to your application.

2. Use your references

Maybe not the first thing you think about and therefore distinctive. In the world of Zoover and Tripadvisor, no one will think it's crazy if you add a reference of a yourself to your application. When a candidate registers with us, we always win references to get a picture of the candidate. Let the referee describe your good sides, but also the things on which you can still develop, for example. That really doesn't deter you, but rather shows that you like transparency and know what your strengths and weaknesses are.

3. Know who you are applying to

Read carefully about the organization (for example, via Google, social media and the website(s)) and (depending on the function) pick an element from it, for example, the core values. Describe what added value you can deliver in this area and why the organization suits you.

4. Check your CV

Take a good look at your CV. The fact that you worked as waiter during in 1980 your studies and did an internship in 1984 is no longer really interesting. Really look at the added value for the position you are applying for. Always put your latest work experience first and tell us something about yourself. Be concrete, describe, for example, a project that you are proud of or describe what results you have achieved in a certain position.

5. Error-free

This sounds like an open door, but make sure that your application, CV, video pitch, motivation or whatever you add to your application is in flawless English. Too often there are spelling mistakes in applications.

What tip can you share with others to make your application stand out?