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Help! An assessment!

Anyone applying for a job will come across them. With these tips you are guaranteed to survive any assessment.

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A first interview is often followed by an assessment, a combination of psychological tests and observation tasks. It gives the employer an objective image of your competences and clarifies whether or not you are the best candidate for the job.

Increase your changes on a dream job!

Be Prepared

Especially the first time an assessment can be very stressful. Decrease your fear for the unknown:

  • Read about it and try different tests online.
  • Do not study, but practice.
  • Start a week in advance, but stop in time.


Get to Know the Company

The corporate website can tell you a lot. Especially about the company culture. This determines the norms, values and habits within the company. This can tell you more on the management style as well as the dress code. Use this information to adapt your own presentation and dress style. In that way you show that you are perfectly capable of representing the company.

Show your Best Side

Reread the job advert. Most of the time it will tell you something  about the type of profile they are looking for. ‘Sell’ yourself and score with your best assets.

Don’t Lie

Lying is not done! Do not adapt your answers to match the required profile. This will only lead to unfortunate situations and a mismatch has never made any one happy. After all, you are who you are.  

Arrive Full of Energy

An assessment is quite intense. So you better start one full of energy.

  • Are you tired or ill? Make a new appointment.
  • Do you have to travel a certain distance? Leave plenty of time.
  • Choose the least stressful way to get there.
  • If there is an issue, let your contact person or reception know.

Dare to think out of the box

In order to find out if you can bring creative ideas and solutions to the table, role plays are a popular method during an assessment.

Ask for feedback

Discuss the results of your assessment. This gives you a better insight into your competences. But do not argue about the results. There is no point doing that.

Remember that an assessment does not give a value judgement about you as a person. The tests solely focus on the competences necessary to fulfil the position’s requirements. 

Good luck!