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8 tell-tale signs it’s time to leave your job

A temporary slump? Or at a professional dead-end? 8 signs it’s time to quit.

Bright Plus

2 min. reading time

Sometimes you want to quit your job. This could just be a temporary slump. To rekindle the fire, just remember what makes you happy in your work: the challenges, the responsibilities and the atmosphere. You could also have a constructive talk with your manager or team leader about what’s bothering you. If you still don’t get your old drive back, it is time to change jobs.

With this checklist you know if it is time to start looking around.

You feel listless.

You drag yourself to work and through the day. In fact, even before the workday begins, you’d just as soon crawl back into bed.

Your body protests.

Headache, stomach upset, concentration problems: your body tells you what you do not dare to articulate.

Your mood is below zero.

You’re negative and stressed-out the whole time, talking only about your job and how terrible it is. You draw away from your surroundings more and more. You are snubbing or shouting at everyone. Your family, friends or family suffer from your bad moods.

You stagnate.

You don not find pleasure in your tasks. Your talents or skills are not being challenged. Your job does not offer you any opportunity to grow personally or professionally, and there are no opportunities to change to a more challenging job internally. And you do not learn anything anymore.

You don’t fit in the company culture.

The company culture has evolved and just does not fit with who you are anymore. Or you discover that you cannot or do not want to believe in what your company stands for.

Your work suffers.

You’re no longer productive – even though you’re more than capable of doing your job. Your reluctance towards your job influences your performance. 

Your work/life balance is gone.

You spend less and less time with your family and friends because your job is gobbling you up. You’ve raised the problem with your boss, but there’s no solution in sight.

Your pay does not reflect your responsibilities.

You got promoted, but your salary stayed the same. You do not get a correct salary even though your company’s thriving. Your pay check is no longer motivating you to work. Before you throw in the towel, you’d best check in de Bright Plus Salary tool what a realistic salary should be.

Are you happy in your work? Or are you ready to quit your job and apply for new challenge?