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Ten tips to apply for a job discreetly

You already have a job but also good reasons to continue searching for another position. How do you make sure nothing backfires?

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There's nothing wrong with the fact that you want to want to apply for a new job discreetly. You already have a job but also good reasons to continue searching for another position. How do you make sure nothing backfires?

1. Make time

It is often said that job searching is in itself a full-time job. Since you’re at work, you have little time to carefully and thoroughly look for a new job. You therefore need to make time by putting secondary activities on the back burner for a while and focus only on top job openings. Also put aside well-chosen times to make sure the weeks won’t fly by without any results.

2. Job search from home

Spend as little time as possible applying for a job when you are at work. Don’t visit job sites or print anything at the office. This reduces the risk that someone will notice something in your browsing history or will find a page you dropped near the printer. Never use a work e-mail address. Likewise, you should only make phone calls during your lunch break or outside office hours. If you explain to recruiters that you’re still employed and that you want to apply discreetly for a job, they will be more flexible.

3. Be careful about what you say

Don’t talk too much about your intention to change jobs. You never know who might spill the beans... So, choose wisely the people you confide in, not only at work, but also in your circle of friends and family.

4. Be credible

You will sometimes have to go for an interview and need to take time off. Use simple and acceptable excuses – like a dental appointment or a car service to ensure you won’t get all tangled up in an unlikely explanation for your absence.

5. Always keep your online profiles up to date

Make sure your online profiles, on We Assist You for instance, are constantly up to date. This plays an ongoing key role in your personal branding.

6. Here's how you post your cv

You can post your CV online anonymously. A potential employer will first have to ask for permission to contact you. You can also exclude your current employer from the information listed in your CV.

7. Careful with references

If you list references, make sure not to give your current employer’s contact details as this could put you in a very uncomfortable position.

8. Insist on discretion

It is quite normal to ask your potential new employer to handle your application confidentially. A phrasing such as “I trust that my application will be treated with the utmost discretion” is very clear and should be respected.

9. What if you do get caught?

If you do get caught, lay your cards on the table. It is not dishonest to search for a job elsewhere. Your current employer will understand.

10. Leave in style

Sometimes, it is difficult to perform well when you’ve already left the job in your mind. Yet, you should always remain professional and loyal. Leave in an appropriate manner, based on a mutual agreement where you show ongoing commitment. It’s a small world and the network of managers has a far-reaching influence. You must therefore ensure that your reputation is never tarnished, even when you are out the door.

Do you have experiences or tips that you’d like to share? Let us know!