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A job in sales… Are you sold on the idea?

Do you always find the best bargains when you go to the flea market? Are you winning everyone over with your smooth approach, well-thought-out arguments and a warm smile? In that case, you are a natural-born salesperson. Discover what makes working in sales so great.

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Sales offers you job security

  • You always have enough work

Even though the world is changing and we can’t predict the future, salespeople are always needed. Having experience in sales on your CV will open doors for you, and you will find that new job in no time.

  • You earn a good living

A company owes much of its revenue to its salesforce. You can, therefore, make a good living with a job in sales. If you build up experience and prove your worth with your own success stories, your market value will rise quickly. And so will your salary, of course. Would you like to find out how much you could earn? Run the simulation here.

  • You get a bonus

Sales work is about meeting goals. If you do you work well, you will be financially rewarded. When you reach your targets, it often translates into a nice bonus in your account, the ultimate motivator and reward for all your labour.

With a job in sales you are in control

  • You create your own success

Of course, having talent is great, but you are judged on your results. If you do your job with focus every day and keep upskilling, the odds will definitely be in your favour and you will reap the well-deserved benefits of your hard work.

  • You organise your daily schedule

Freedom is central to a salesperson’s job. You manage your own portfolio, call your customers and keep track of your own appointments. Since you can’t predict how the coming weeks will unfold, you plan your flexible schedule based on your needs.

  • Endless possibilities for you

Could you talk day and night about elegant classic cars and state-of-the-art racing cars? Or are you utterly fascinated by the latest-generation multimedia? Salespeople are in demand in every sector and industry.

Sales give you the unique opportunity to satisfy your interests in the performance of your job. Think about your hobbies and search the market to find out in which sales role you could leverage your passion most.

Choosing sales is choosing personality

  • You develop people skills

A day as a salesperson is a day rich in human contact. Talking to your colleagues, prospects and loyal customers is an important part of your daily routine. You rapidly learn to initiate a dialogue, defend your opinion with strong arguments and to read body language like the best. You attract every new customer, which allows you to create a sustainable network.

  • You build self-confidence

A good salesperson is assertive. The more confident you come across, the more trust you create between you and your customer. If you are not afraid to address people to tell them what you think and you substantiate your vision with good arguments, you have all the necessary qualities for a successful sales pitch.

  • You make an impact

Your sales pitch will impact your customer’s choices. Your job therefore not only affects your own life, but also that of others. In your very unique way, you read people and deliver products and services that make their lives easier. You make an impact, which gives meaning to your working day.

Have you already landed a job in sales thanks to your natural talent? Tell us below why you think your job is the best.