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Working at Bright Plus: what is it like?

It's great to work at Bright Plus. Together with some 90 colleagues, we consistently achieve the best results, take on the most exciting challenges and create the greatest work atmosphere.

Jolien Nulens

3 min. reading time

Our people enjoy their job and are happy to look for the right match between customer and candidate day in and day out. Yes, even on Mondays! Still need some convincing? Why don’t you judge for yourself based on the following arguments? 

Bright People

Why do our people enjoy going to work every day? First and foremost, for their colleagues and the cheerful work atmosphere. Want to discuss the weekend with your colleague on Monday morning? Go for it! Over the years, our team has grown into a close-knit group. And that is precisely what makes working at Bright Plus so enjoyable.

We work hard, certainly, but humour and fun remain important. So, be ready to take part in several team events. Our annual kick-off, various training courses, exciting team building events, participation in sports events or even city trips abroad: we promise you that you will quickly feel at home here.

Bright Vision

Since we spend so much time at work, finding a great job is a must. And at Bright Plus, we know that, too. Our mission and vision is clear: we are here to help people find a job that really suits them. Looking for a new function is not an easy task. No need to remind us. All our teams bring together a lot of expertise, experience and commitment. Our daily ambition is to keep inspiring candidates and to help them build a great career for themselves. What's our motivation? To go home at the end of the day with the knowledge that we have helped people find their dream job, that's what drives us.

Bright Great Place to Work

Over a 10-year period, we have been voted 'Great Place to Work' 7 times. Need we say more? In short, Great Place to Work is an international Institute that conducts research into what makes a workplace great and ranks employers worldwide. GPW gives companies advice and publishes lists of the truly great workplaces. Good to know when you are applying for a job. And also useful for us, since the valuable feedback allows us to keep improving our workplace for our people.

Our people are the beating heart our organisation: they are the Plus in Bright Plus and their well-being is an absolute priority. We do everything we can to help them feel good, both mentally and physically. We even have a special policy for that. And no, it does not just deal with nutrition and exercise. Stress, finding a balance between work and private life, setting personal goals and achieving them are also covered. Our help may or may not be needed.

Bright Results

At Bright Plus, there is plenty of room to experiment, learn and adapt to the changing world. Of course, you don't do that on your own. Our entire organisation seamlessly adapts to the rapidly changing labour market. It is this flexibility in adjusting our services to new market developments that keeps us in the lead. Our branch offices have multiplied over the years; our range of services has increased; we are committed to digitization and our presence abroad has also grown. If you like to think out of the box, don't shy away from a challenge and are keen to contribute to your team's effort to achieve great results, Bright Plus is the right place for you.

Bright Career

Our organisation is growing, and so will you. We will be there to help you become a little better every day. We believe that the people who work in an organisation determine its future success or failure. Our employees are therefore encouraged to show and develop their talents. That is why we provide training, workshops and team building activities. Each person's range of duties is tailored to his or her motivations and ambitions. This is what makes our people so unique, not just in relation to our customers and candidates, but personally.

Can you also see yourself working at Bright Plus? Take a look around, get to know us. We would love to hear from you.

About the author

Jolien Nulens

Als HR Marketeer bij Bright Plus vorm ik de link tussen HR en Marketing. Een beetje een vreemde combinatie, hoor ik je denken. Maar de juiste mensen op de juiste plaats, dat is mijn uitdaging. Hoe hou je jouw werknemers gelukkig en jouw Employer Brand sterk? Eigenlijk door met een marketingbril naar HR te kijken. Mensen zijn niet alleen het belangrijkste kapitaal van een bedrijf, maar ook het visitekaartje, échte ambassadeurs. En daar hou ik me dagelijks vol enthousiasme en passie mee bezig.

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