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Why did I choose a job as HR Project Consultant?

Noëmie worked as HR Project Consultant at Bright Plus Outsourcing Solutions in 2019, now she is HR Consultant at Bright Plus Kortrijk

In my senior year, I was having dinner with a friend and she told me she had found a great new job. She told me she'd become Project Consultant at Bright Plus Outsourcing Solutions. A fixed contract with a lot of variation thanks to the many different projects. You learn a lot of different things and can swiftly discover what you excel in. I immediately thought: "Wow, this is perfect!" I had a degree in Commercial Science, HR and a postgraduate degree in Sports Management, but what was the thing I'd want to do most after my studies? After 2 very interesting conversations with Bright Plus colleagues I was completely sold and it was clear to me that I would immerse myself in the HR pool as an HR Project Consultant. Different HR projects in different companies, gaining a lot of HR experience and discovering what I would like to do within HR, that was exactly what I was looking for.

September 9th 2019 was the day. My first day as an HR Project Consultant at Bright Plus Outsourcing Solutions. The nice thing about starting as a Project Consultant when you've just graduated is that Bright Plus Outsourcing Solutions organises a 4-day Masterclass. Here, you'll not only get to know your fellow project consultants, but will also get to know what drives you thanks to Management Drives, and you'll even receive training on personal leadership or LinkedIn. In addition, you can count on a fun teambuilding event in which you learn to work better together and better get to know the values of Bright Plus.

After the Bright Young Grads Masterclass the real work starts, when you start on a project. I have already completed 2 projects. I had a supportive HR role within a very large retail company. There I took my first steps in payroll administration and learned to work with union representatives. After that I was an HR Officer in a small SME. There I got the chance to take on the entire HR field. Not only payroll administration, but also payroll processing and contacts with the social secretariat. This was quite a challenge. But that's what's so great about Bright Plus Outsourcing Solutions. You'll be pulled out of your comfort zone to learn things and thus grow as a person. My time as an HR Project Consultant at Bright Plus Outsourcing Solutions has greatly enriched my life on both a personal and professional level.

To me, Bright Plus Outsourcing Solutions means Personal, Challenging, Variety & Educational. Add to that the fact that Bright Plus organises a whole lot for its employees. Not only training courses and webinars, but also fun events to get to know your fellow (HR) Project Consultants. In short, I can definitely recommend Bright Plus Outsourcing Solutions to anyone looking for a varied HR position.